About Us

We’ve been there. In a former life we were a blasting contractor. And we operated several blastrooms. Originally we used the clients rooms and did the best we could with them. But it was always frustrating when you need to blast something, but everyday something else breaks down. No blasting = No money.

So in the end we developed our own equipment. We tried several floor systems, both bought in and manufactured by us. Now we have ended up here with the TruGrit blastroom. And it works really well, which is why there are lots of big international customers using our equipment; Bredero Shaw, Schlumberger, RAE Energy, Oil States, Tsuneishi Heavy Engineering, Cameron etc, to name just a few.

We manufacture everything ourselves and pay lots of attention to quality as warranty work sucks, for both of us. Most of our designs are now standardized and everything is produced in modular form so it is quick and easy to install. The quicker it is installed, the sooner you get to work making money.

So that’s about us. What about you? In need of a reliable and productive blastroom? If so feel free to contact us anyway you see fit.