Abrasive Recovery Systems

For maximum productivity and blasting throughput you need a reliable and efficient abrasive recovery system.

A variety of recovery methods are suitable for various applications.

  • Tru Glide – Full recovery on virtually unlimited size blastroom. Keep It Simple mechanical design requires only shallow pit. Low power consumption even for the biggest rooms. Achieve maximum productivity with no down time for abrasive clean up.
  • Belt Conveyor – Ideal for partial recovery floor in big blastrooms. If used for full floor recovery, belts requires comparatively deep pit.
  • Screw Conveyor – Ideal for recovering huge amounts of abrasive quickly. Position in corner of room and load the hopper. Good for shipblock blastrooms that use large amounts of abrasive. Not suitable for long distances.
  • Brush in Hopper – Good for small to medium size rooms that do not need to produce high production rates.
  • Pneumatic Conveyor – For small blastrooms with relatively low production rates. Comparatively slow recovery rates.

We produce all of the above and will help you select the correct system for your specific requirements.