Industrial Spray Painting Booths

Blastechnik Industrial Spray Painting Booths are build specifically for the application of industrial spray painting and are designed and constructed either from folded bolt together steel panels or, if fire safety is a major concern, from 2 hour fire resistant Rockwool filled sandwich panels, tested to British Standards.

Operator safety and risk of fire are important criterior when designing spray painting booths.

Additional safety features built into our booths include:

  • Fan assemblies are fitted with non sparking aluminium impellor and externally mounted electric motor prevent explosion hazard from sparking.
  • Exhaust fan inlet silencer reduces operators exposure to fan noise.
  • Progressive woven fibreglass outlet filters efficiently trap paint overspray and prevent environmental pollution from exhaust air stream.
  • Electrical controls provide pre and post painting air change purge to ensure no dangerous levels of residual gas and fumes remain in the painting booth.
  • Digital or analogue differential pressure gauges, with auto shut down if required, provide visual feed back of condition of filters and amount of blockage.