Want to double your blasting production?

Then stop wasting half your time brushing up abrasives.

We all know the key to making money from blasting is productivity. The more you blast, the more you earn, simple math.

So it does not make any sense to be spending half your time cleaning up abrasive every time your blast pot or storage hopper runs out of grit. Total waste of valuable money making production time.

So how to eliminate this money suck? Simple, install a blastroom that will do the abrasive recovery for you, and free you up for non-stop blasting.

The Blastechnik W Series 550 Blastroom is exactly that, a fully automatic recovery and recycling system. You only need to stop once every hour or two for a few minutes to allow the pot to automatically refill with grit. Once refilled off you go again blasting and making money.

And the best part is you only need a few additional components to get from a slow manual brush up recovery donkey setup, to a full-on blasting productivity beast.

Blasters wasting production time manually cleaning up abrasives.
Blastroom Set-up

A basic blastroom set-up consists of the following:

  • a blasting enclosure
  • a ventilation dust collector
  • a blasting pot and safety equipment
  • some sort of abrasive recovery and cleaning

Often the last part is a hole in the side wall that you brush the abrasive into after blasting. From there it is recovered and recycled. But your time would be better spent blasting instead of brushing.

The Blastechnik W Series 550 Blastroom consists of all of the above, plus recovery floor modules that are used to capture the abrasive and automatically return it to the blasting pot.

The smartest part about this system is the use of the dust collector:

With a basic set up you need a ventilation dust collector to capture airborne dust generated during blasting.

The W Series 550 Blastroom uses the very same dust collector to not only ventilate the blastroom, but also to automatically suck the abrasive out of the recovery floor modules as you are blasting.

Never has there been a better example of “killing 2 birds with 1 stone”. And this stone will make you money.

W Series 550 blastroom with full floor abrasive recovery.

Here’s how it works:

W Series Recovery Floor

The W Series recovery floor modules are a series of inverted cones, each with a hole at the bottom. Each cone hole feeds into a central recovery duct. The duct is under constant vacuum to instantly suck out the abrasive particles as they fall through the holes and into the duct.

The airflow that is recovering the grit is, at the same time, ventilating the blastroom. This downdraft method of ventilation is a lot more efficient than a dust collector attached to the end wall of the blastroom.

This is for 2 reasons:

1. Like everything else dust is affected by gravity. It wants to fall downwards. The ventilation airflow direction in a W Series blastroom is also downwards. Ventilation air enters through the roof and exits through the floor. Exactly the same direction as the dust wants to move in.

2. The W Series modules cover the whole area of the floor of the blastroom. This creates a smooth even airflow throughout the whole area of the room.

There is a further advantage to this system when compared to an end mounted ventilation dust collector. It is very clean.

The combination of venting the whole area of the room, in a downwards direction, creates a downdraft airflow that ensures maximum operator visibility and no dust leakage from the blastroom.

The downdraft airflow rate through the room is based on ANSI Z9.4-2011; 20-40ft/min depending on the room size.

The recovery system is suitable for use with all types of recyclable abrasives. It is not only suitable for light weight or soft abrasives. The W Series 550 Blastroom will even recover G-18 steel grit with ease.

If you use various abrasives, it is quick and easy to change over from one type to another. A quick blow down of the blastroom with the recovery system running, and the room is ready to be reloaded with a different abrasive.

The W Series recovery modules, and all inter-connecting ducting, is bolted together, no welding required. The recovery modules are fabricated from 1/8″ (3mm) and 3/16″ (4mm) steel. They are a fully welded construction and built into steel frames for easy assembly. The centre frames are fitted with additional stiffeners to allow trolley tracks to run directly on top.

W Series Recovery Floor Modules during fabrication. These are fully welded construction and built into steel frames to allow quick and easy assembly. The frame also provides support for railcar tracks.

Your maintenance staff will love this. There are no moving parts. No bearings, pulleys, screws, wire ropes, rollers, scrapers or anything else likely to get clogged with grit and fail or require servicing. The only thing that moves is the recovery airflow.

Abrasive Reclaimer

To achieve good quality blasted surfaces it is crucial the abrasive is cleaned to the highest standards, and all traces of dust and contamination are removed.

After being sucked from the floor, the recovered abrasive and dust are passed through an Abrasive Reclaimer. This device has no moving parts and is used to separate oversize and undersize waste from good reusable abrasive.

The reclaimer is fitted with adjustable cones that allow fine tuning of the degree of cleaning separation. Too much separation wastes good abrasive. Too little separation leaves the grit dirty with dust. The reclaimer can be fine tuned to achieve perfectly clean reusable abrasive during each recovery cycle.

The vacuum recovery power of this system is very strong. Any small items ie, cigarette butts, masking tape, nut & bolts, rubber masking plugs etc that are dropped into the floor will be sucked out.

An oversize waste screen prevents large objects passing through the reclaimer to the blasting pot and blocking the abrasive valve.

To ensure long life the reclaimer is lined internally with tough Linatex rubber.

The Abrasive Reclaimer is fully adjustable to allow fine tuning to thoroughly clean the abrasive without wastage.
Recovery/Ventilation Dust Collector

The heart of the W Series 550 Blastroom is the recovery/ventilation dust collector. It is this unit that is providing the required powerful airflow to both ventilate the blastroom, and simultaneously, recover the abrasive from the floor.

Critical to the systems operation is the ability of the dust collector to provide a constant high vacuum airflow. To maintain this airflow, it is vital the filters in the dust collector remain free of dust clogging.

The Blastechnik TDF dust collector uses the same concept as the downdraft airflow in the blastroom. The concept of both the airflow and the dust moving through the dust collector downwards.

Unlike convention cartridge type dust collectors, in which dust pulsed from the filter cartridges is falling downwards into an incoming upflow air stream, the TDF is the total opposite. The dust laden incoming air flow is from the top of the collector and the filter cartridges are pulse cleaned directly into the outlet collection hopper below. The airflow through the dust collector and the direction of the dust pulsed from the filter cartridges is the same direction, downwards.

This greatly increases the filter cleaning efficiency and prevents the filter cartridges becoming clogged with dust. The end result of clean filters is constant vacuum performance and extended filter life.

TDF Ventilation/Recovery dust collector creates the powerful suction airflow required to simultaneously ventilate the blastroom, and recover the abrasive.
Blastroom Enclosure

The W Series 550 Blastroom is a completely modular bolt together design. It is very simple to assemble, and easy to pull apart if you need to relocate.

The blastroom enclosure is made up of 1/8″ (3mm) double folded steel panels with precision plasma cut bolts holes. The panels are painted standard powder coat colour of your choice. Full width swing doors are mounted to one end and a personnel access door is mounted on one side. All doors are safety interlocked to prevent blasting if left open.

The inside of the blastroom walls and doors are lined with 1/4″ (6mm) thick wear resistant rubber curtains fitted to bolt on brackets. The roof is fitted with bright 110W LED lamps protected by polycarbonate covers. Baffled air intakes on the roof allow ventilation air in but prevent abrasive exiting the room.

Powder coated bolt together room structure allow easy assembly and disassembly if relocation is required.
Electrical Control Panel

Control of the W Series 550 Blastroom is from a wall mounted control panel. This is fitted with the fan starter and light switches. Electrical wiring from the control panel to the fan and lights is provided.

Blasting Pot and Safety

Standard supply with the W Series 550 Blastroom is one set of ABP-200 blast pot and one set of operator safety equipment. Additional blast pots can be fitted if required.

The ABP-200 has a capacity of 6cuft (200 litres) and is fitted with an Abrasive Saver Valve. This metering valve feeds exactly the right amount of abrasive to the nozzle to ensure maximum productivity with minimal abrasive breakdown cost. The blast pot is ASME U Stamp certified.

The operator equipment package consists of NIOSH approved RPB Nova2000 blasting helmet, RADEX breathing filter, interconnecting air hose and operator safety clothing.

Advantages of the W Series Recovery System

There are a variety of abrasive recovery systems in the market. The W Series Recovery System has several advantages over all others:

      • Minimal pit – The whole facility may be positioned directly onto flat concrete floor. If flush floor is required, the facility requires a pit only ≈11″ (275mm) deep.
      • Low maintenance – There are no moving parts wear out or require maintenance. No bearings, pulleys, screws, wire ropes, rollers, scrapers etc to get clogged with grit and sieze up or wear out.
      • Clean operation – The downdraft ventilation airflow provides maximum dust collection resulting in cleaner surrounding work areas and clear visibility for blasters.
      • No foundation – The strength of the W Series floor modules enables rail track to be run directly on top of the floor, no special expensive foundations required.
      • Safe – No moving parts to cause operator injury.
      • Abrasive variety – The complete recovery system is simple to clean out for change over to other abrasive types.
This W Series blastroom is using a very fine glass beads. The fine powdery abrasive is instantly sucked through the floor to provide excellent visibility.

Apart from the money you can earn from a W Series 550 Blastroom, the best thing about the system is the price. It is surprisingly cheap. For the same size room, often it is actually cheaper than a brush-up system that wastes half your production time.

So stop wasting half your blasting production time, brushing and cleaning up abrasive and dust. Get in touch with us and we will advise a suitable Blastechnik W Series 550 Blastroom to meet your exact requirements.